There are four major steps to learn Speed reading are as mentioned below -

1. Visualize QSR Training- This is again a very important step to do speed reading. Through visualization process, the child visualize the content & able to tell it in his own words. He is able to reiterate the same after visualizing the images & content & than imagine & reproducing the whole story in his own words.

2. Natural Vision QSR Training - With regular vision you utilize your entire field of vision (fringe vision) to catch vast pieces of print on a page. You not only see 3 to 10 words per line, but you also see 3 to 10 lines of print at once also.

3. Relax - Normally, when people concentrate on something they focus their minds on something and become somewhat mentally tense; but with this course it is different. To get a maximum understanding of reading fast, one must be relaxed while concentrating (visualizing). One can get a vibe for this casual feeling in the wake of doing the easygoing perusing activity. When you get a vibe for how to legitimately unwind while envisioning, it will get to be less demanding at whatever point you do velocity perusing.

4. Daily practice - The significance of every day rehearse can't be disregarded. After numerous velocity perusing classes, one pattern has gotten to be self-evident: Those who hone every day get to be decent at rate perusing; however while the individuals who disregard it don't do great in it. This is a completely new technique for reading book without looking at the pages. It was firstly developed in Japan. It is by all accounts extremely surprising in light of the fact that the greater part of us who adapted just to peruse books by perusing a page at once they can read it by basically flipping the pages. It can likewise be used in a few other imaginative routes for retaining anything. This has Basic, Medium, Advance Level.

Now, you must be wondering about the benefits of these courses. It provides benefits beyond your imagination. It is an advance level of the mid brain activation. Below listed are some of the more reasons that will definitely compel you to opt this course for your children.

  • It improves the learning speed.
  • This also helps in enhancing the concentration power.
  • Its benefits are also includes health improvement.
  • You will get positivity and a better focus towards things.
  • Motivation, fast reading, improved learning style are some other benefits of this course.